“All my Single moms”

Now put your hands UP!

They’re up in the bed, books all read,
and the house is finally clean
You decided to sit and now they wanna drink
‘Cause they sensed you relaxing.
I’m up all day, Up all night,
the laundry pile is endless.
Can’t find my keys, I’m going insane
But I wouldn’t trade my son for the world!

But seriously! You guys feel me right?! Being a single mom is tough! But it is THEE most rewarding job their is. Nothing beats looking at your baby’s sleeping face after a long day and just knowing that you are the luckiest mom in the world to call them your own. Now I’m not saying that kids aren’t tiny terrorists. Because holy Hannah my son could end my patience existence when he really wants something, and their schedules dictate your life to the fullest. But when he looks at me and says “mommy you’re my favorite” or “mommy I just really like you a lot” my heart turns into a puddle and I forget why I was ever mad to begin with.

Now I do consider myself a single mom, and that’s not to say his dad isn’t involved because he very much is. I’m a single mom in the aspect of half the week I handle him and all that comes with parenting on my own and miss him to pieces the other half. So to the single moms doing it 100% on your own I am sending you a virtual hug! probably multiple virtual hugs!

Recently in my psychology class we covered the “developmental lifespan”. This for me was probably one of the most terrifying and eye opening chapters thus far. Not only did it reinforce my good parenting skills but it also showed me areas that I can improve in. Like how many ways can you mess up your kid?? There’s so much that goes into the cognitive development starting at the very beginning.

Navigating all the parenting how to books, the bad advice, the pediatrician recommendations is honestly a bigger maze than my college campus. But here are some things that I liked:

  • “1-2-3 Magic: Effective discipline for ages 2-12” by Thomas Pheland. This book is gold, ok? Like counting to 3 seems so stupid and like “PSHHHH I could do that in my sleep”. But seriously read it and your mind will be blown! IF I get to 2 and my son puts himself on timeout!
  • When they are infants, if they spit it out, KEEP GIVING IT TO THEM. Didn’t like peas today, welp you are having peas for lunch every day until you do! Why? But isn’t that torture? NOPE. Their palate isn’t developed yet, all they know is sweet milk. So it is on YOU to build their palate. I honestly invested nothing in baby food other than the squirt pouches for easy on the go solutions (mixed with rice cereal). I don’t make my food spicy and I eat really healthy, so I just mushed up whatever I had for dinner. My kid begs for asparagus, yes you heard me right ASPARAGUS.
  • the 4 yr old “picky” eater, My son eats literally everything. But sometimes when I introduce new recipes like Stir Fry, he protests. What I have found to help is having him help me make it. Yes this takes longer but he takes so much pride in it that he probably enjoys it more than if he’d stop pouting that he doesn’t like it and just try the freakin thing. I do ALL of the measuring out and tell him what to mix. I give him the whisk to stir whatever there is to stir while I cook the hot stuff.
  • When kids hit preschool age they switch from “me” to realizing they are part of a family. Age appropriate chores help them feel like they are contributing and gives them a sense of accomplishment. I don’t reward these I call them “family contributions” like clearing off the table or feeding the cats. If he wants an opportunity to earn some cash or a treat then I will have him help with things like taking the trash out (with my help) or putting laundry away (my “family contributions)
  • The power of choice. Terrible twos are HARD. What makes them easy while still getting what you want is the power of choice. “This or that”. Give two choices that you are ok with and let them think it was all them!

I’m not a pro parent but I can definitely say that I am VERY proud of my little guy. He eats a wide variety of foods, hes healthy, hes independent, hes strong and loving. And also a total sweetheart!

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